Updated to latest Hassio, HACS keeps saying I need to restart upgraded components

After running for several months on an older version I decided to upgrade to the latest version of Hassio, thinking this would make my MyQ garage door start working again (not so much - seems the API has changed again recently).

Anyway, I also have several components installed via HACS. I’ve gone in and upgraded each of them, and restarted Hassio several times, but I keep getting an error about the Spotcast component and all of the HACS components I upgraded are still showing as red and asking me to restart.

I’m using Hassio on Ubuntu via a Docker configuration.

Any thoughts?

Weirdly, turns out that Hassio was not restarting when I set it to restart in the UI. Once I rebooted the system this probably went away - although now I have other issues, which I’ll document in a new thread.