Updated UZB to 5.7 now all nodes are dead!

I recently updated my Z-Wave.me UZB firmware from 5.4 to 5.7 using Z-Way Expert UI, now all my nodes in Home Assistant Z-Wave JS UI are showing as dead and cannot be pinged. Any idea why? The controller shows the new version in Z-Wave JS UI and all nodes are there, just dead and debug shows the following error for each node:

2024-04-07T15:07:24.402Z CNTRLR [Node 036] ping failed: The node did not acknowledge the command (ZW0204)

So in troubleshooting, it seems that after the firmware update, it defaults to EU frequency. I simply just loaded up Z-Way and set it back to US and boom, all my devices were communicating again. Hope this helps anyone whoi runs into this issue.

In the ZUI settings you can configure the region so that never happens.

Wow, great to know! Seems this is blank by default!