Updater is deprecated and will be removed. And now?

Hi to all,
title says all!

My binary_sensor.updater doesn’t work anymore. On the documentation, I read “This integration is deprecated and will be removed”.

So, the only one thing to do is to regulary check the website? :frowning:

The replacement was mentioned in the release notes.


Supervisor (integration) has included version checker for OS, as well as for add-ons, installed in supervisor.

I’m sorry: I didn’t see it! And every release I read every single breaking change!

By the way, I think that inside the doc can be placed a link to version page :wink:

There already is a link in the release notes.

  • For the binary_sensor.updater entity, you can set up the Version integration with the “Home Assistant Website” source to get the same functionality back.

Unfortunately the functionality doesn’t seem to be quite the same. The old binary_sensor.updater entity used to have a release_notes attribute you could use in an alert to quickly link to what had changed. The new binary sensors from the Version integration don’t seem to have this.

Is there any new sensor or attribute that points to the release notes for new versions? Googling “release notes” or “version” doesn’t really help!

(And yes, I’m now updating my system after a suspiciously long period without receiving update notifications from the alert I had set up…)

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