Updater Sensor not up to date / change source?

Hi there,

I’m using HA within a rpi 64 docker image. I have a lovelace card showing the output of two version-sensors:

- platform: version
  name: remote_version
  source: container
  image: raspberrypi3-64

- platform: version
  name: local_version
  source: local

for the past couple of days, they would differ, with the local one showing version 2021.4.4 and the remote one first showing version 2021.4.5 and since yesterday version 2021.4.6.

The problem is, that binary_sensor.updater only today switched to “on” with “newest_version” showing 2021.4.6. Before the “newest_version” was always 2021.4.4, while docker was already on .5 and later .6.

The list of docker tags shows, that version 2021.4.5 got released 4 days ago.

So in my understanding there is a discrepancy between the official version in the binary_sensor.updater attributes and the one via the version sensor.

I might have missed something or up until here this might all be old news, sorry if that’s the case.

So is there a way I could sync the two sensors? Can I somehow tell the binary sensor to check against the docker image? Since I don’t see that option in the wiki page, and anyways, how come they are not in sync?

Thanks in advance,