Updates after updates things tend to break for me

Been happily using HA on a RPI 4 for maybe a year now and little by little added stuff. Maybe about 4-5 months ago things broke, had to downgrade (had a backup too) and then it went back to (almost) normal.
Unfortunately little by little I’ve lost recorder and other things. The main stuff I need still work and I am happy for that (HA is just not rebooting after the last update - I’ll have to take the Pi and look at the SD card data).
I’ve recently read the release notes and it seems sometimes things do break (“normally” - in the sense that we are warned) but as I didn’t read any release note I didn’t update anything.
So considering I have backups and my setup is rather simple should I just install a new hassio on my PI and reconfigure or will I face the same issues?
Path 2 is: should I stay with my current OS/config and try to address what is not working?
I have some spare time but I don’t really feel like spending 3 days on it :wink:
Advice welcome.
(FWIW I have BT thermometers, MI lamps, Smart plugs, UPS, Sonoff switch(es) and that’s about it)

Thank you.

Yes, you have to address the breaking changes with each release.

You really do need to do this.

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thanks… I thought there was some kind of magic that would … right!
Thank you for the light.

Let’s say it’s probably a good time to remove what I don’t need and just redo properly the things I use everyday!

Wish you the best… loved the answer!

So a little update. I did the “start from scratch” which was not so troublesome. I notice great improvements on my RPI 4:
CPU Use down to 1% (from 10%)
CPU Temp down to 42-43C (from 59C)
Disk Use down to 10% (from 27%)

And everything works again (I also got rid of things I don’t use). So double thank you!


It’s unlikely that’s because you started from scratch. There have been major improvements in how HA manages these things in recent releases.

oh yes… Definitely better HA. And from upgrade after upgrades I had a lot of things timing out, not being “discovered”, errors etc which probably created some extra CPU load (and services which I have now removed).