Updates to FLUX_LED, Couple Questions about Repos and Light component

Hello, everyone. I am currently working on extending the FLUX LED component to add some additional effects which are available in the underlying python, After fighting with it all night, I was able to get it to work; the core issue is that the original dependency has some incompatibilities with Python3; it uses iteritems rather than items. Luckily, the owner of the flux_led package on pypi recently updated it to be compatible with 3; I asked him to push it out to pypi if possible.

So a couple of questions here; first, how would we go about ensuring that pip grabs the updated package when it’s available.

Second, would it be extreme to add a number of effects to the main light package. Colorloop is supported by FLUX_LED controllers, but so are the following:


Since these can be sent straight to the controller, it allows for much faster response times than having HASS just manually send commands, but I am worried that adding all of these under ATTR_EFFECT (alongside an additional ATTR for speed) might be excessive for a single component?


This is the flux led library we are using: https://github.com/Danielhiversen/flux_led/ , and I can not see that you reported anything there?
if there is any issues, please report it. Or make a pull request.

I think it would be great if you want to add the color effects to HA.

Sorry, I edited this since I realized that we were using this package. You actually already merged the Python3 changes earlier this week; somebody put them up a couple weeks ago, so whenever the repo updates it should grab them.

Once this is all merged and in HASS, is there anywhere we can get a definitive list of all of the options available under “effects”? I’d be happy to try to add them to the flux_led HASS documentation once I have them.

Definitely. I was planning on documenting them as I went; I’ll post the full description when I’m finished.

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I know this thread has been dormant a while, but I wanted to contribute some code for this component…

However, I don’t know python, nor do I have a whole lot of time to commit to climbing that particular learning curve in the near future.

What I do have, however, is code that I wrote in Lua to use in my Vera, well before I found the HASS project (and had much more free time available).

I’ve built-out code that implements effects of fading from one color to another, as well as flashing the lights/LEDs between two colors.

I’d like to give this code to someone who might be interested in porting it into this component.

How might we make that happen?