Updates with "Entity Not Found" - Fixed Itself -- then broke again

I had 5 updates pending, Home Assistant Core, the OS, HACS, Home Assistant Remote and ZWave JS.

I started looking at them and, since my last update had problems, I figured I’d start with Remote, since my guess was if that had problems, it wouldn’t upset everything else. I went to that update and saw “Entity not found,” but the Install button was still active. Several other pending updates had the same situation.

I went to the OS and saw that had no error messages and started there, then I went to the core and that had no errors in the update dialog, so I updated that. Now the other three updates all look ready with no errors. I don’t have screenshots of the “Entity Not Found” error, since I was waiting to see how things went before making a post. There was no specific message just which entity was not found.

Since this cleared up after I updated the OS and the core, am I right when I guess that the missing entity was the newer core and that these updates required the latest version of the core or the OS?

Oh, wow - things changed while I was writing the post!

I went back to the same page, which had only 3 items to update and, after that post, here’s the page:

The top update, Home Assistant Core had just updated and now it wants another updated. And when I go to the other pending updates, I get something like this:

I was not getting the “Entity not found” message before the new core update appeared in the list. Now there’s another core update that HA wants me to install, the others say, “Entity not found” again.

Considering what happened before, I went on and updated the core - only to get a message it was up to date. And the core update was gone from the list again - but the others still have the “Entity not found” message. I went to the History tab and checked logs and it said there were no entries.

I don’t want to update these other systems until I know why I’m getting an error message.