Updating addons through node red

So I was wondering, is there is an option to update HA through Node-RED?

I basically want Node-RED to update things from the supervisor tab that I gave it the ok to update.
I can mange the conditions by myself but I didn’t find a way to actually make Node-RED to do the update.

If anyone could help me it’ll be appriciated.
Thanks in advance.

I didn’t use it myself but I can see in the developer tools there is a service call for that. So in theory you can do it also with node-red with service call node with similar data.

service: hassio.addon_update
  addon: core_ssh

How did I miss that… :sweat_smile:
Thank you for pointing it out!
I’ll start working on everything right away.
Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:

@serkank Do you happen to know the addon names for all the Hassio core parts?
On the developer tools all I see are the addons I installed, and not the core ones.
Trying to figure it out from the developer tools I can’t seem to get the names of the core addons. :frowning:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You can see the names of the addon in the service call page. Select the addon from the drop down while in ui mode and switch to yaml mode to see what’s the name.

The names are the same also in the links when you open them via ingress

yeah but those are addons I installed.
I’m talking about the core, supervisor and the like…

ah ok, because you said updating the addons in the title.
Unfortunately I don’t know a straightforward way of doing it. Also some might advice against updating home assistant automatically because of the breaking changes. You should read all breaking changes before updating to avoid nasty surprises.
But you can maybe hack together with these two.
here are some command lines for these tasks. Common Tasks - Supervised - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)
You can expose them as service with this Shell Command - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io) and call if from node-red.

First of all thank you!
I’ll read about these things…

Second of all I don’t plan to update anything just because there is an update, because of the breaking changes… did it once and it messed a lot of time and work for me, I don’t plan on doing it again.

I plan on putting boolean helpers on the front end, and enable them if there is an update so I’ll be able to see there is one.
then I’ll read about it and if I want to update it I’ll flip the boolean and the node red automation will update it at a specific time that I want so it won’t mess other automations running at that time.

I hope these links will help me get this done, if not I’ll ask again here.
Thanks again for everything!