Updating beyond 107.7 breaks colour themes

When I want to update from beyond version 107.7, all my colour themes break :confused:
I’ve used JuanMTech’s template (https://www.juanmtech.com/themes-in-home-assistant/) a long time ago but now updating seems to break it. I have no idea how to solve this, but to rebuild HA from the ground up all over again.
See the example below, this happens with all themes. This is the Dark - Purple theme. Left is my ‘production’ version 107.7. and right (‘test’) I updated to 108.9.


I don’t see any errors in the log regarding any problems with the theme. I’m using the Docker version of Home Assistant.

It has been discussed in the release notes thread and here:

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This worked for me:

" In older themes the variable was paper-card-background-color so just rename that to card-background-color and everything should be good."