Updating code for sensor to MQTT and MQTT disconnects

I have an air gradient sensor reading into Home Assistant through Mosquito broker. It is working fine. I made a few modifications to my Arduino code, I wanted to update the Firmware that reads into Home assistant just so I could keep track of what code I had on the unit. I simply used the date. When I updated this date, after much trouble shooting, I found that it was the source of a time out issue I was having. The first symptom I saw was my sensor would do this
For a moment and then would go back to normal. Which is just a gauge graph. The log reads like this

2023-10-12 21:42:20: Client 6yhkgOsV8d16WuksBP7MjN has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.
2023-10-12 21:42:26: New connection from on port 1883.
2023-10-12 21:42:26: New client connected from as 16KwwEs6YizRryp4DuDuey ''(p2, c1, k60, u'homeassistant').

It seems to still update the sensor but just doesn’t recognize it at first? I don’t know. But to fix it all I have to do is keep the “firmware” the same version. Which I can do… but it seems like firmware is something you would update periodically, so shouldn’t it be able to be updated here?
Really I could live with that, but… it seems anything I change gets it confused. For example the code I got from Air gradient posts every 10 seconds. I don’t need it to post so frequently. I tried to reduce that. When I do, it does not flash the sensor like it did with the “wrong” firmware but it still disconnects

2023-10-12 21:47:32: Client AIR_QUAL_1 has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.
2023-10-12 21:47:39: New connection from on port 1883.
2023-10-12 21:47:39: New client connected from as AIR_QUAL_1 (p2, c1, k15, u'homeassistant').
2023-10-12 21:47:44: Client 3LVoTZJUiuGFovbiexVGDa has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.

Really from the dashboard appears to work fine but every 30 seconds or so it will log this error. It seems that what I configured this sensor for when first introducing it is kind of set in stone. Is this true? Is there a way to update these things maybe in Home Assistant to correspond with my updated code?
Thank you for the help!