Updating device list from legacy took longer than the scheduled scan interval


after some time, I have this error in the log and I can’t use the phone’s wifi to detect people.
The strange thing is that… If I reboot hass.io or the pi4, it’s working for about 5 minutes, than it stops find the wifi devices. So it seems a Home Assistant problem, but I don’t know what to do. Changing the scan interval is not a good option: I’m at 30sec and it was perfect for months.

EDIT (update)
If I set up mi lan ip configuration like this

I can connect to my Raspi4 from the internet without problems (see here) but I have the timeout error in the opening title.

If I set my Ip as I don’t have anymore timeout error, but I can’t connect to hass.io reliably.

(probably this is a topic for “configuration” …)