Updating from 0.44


Can someone give me some directions?
I started with HASS around 0.23 and kept regular updates until 0.44, i understand that we are already at 0.51.
so my questions are:

  1. Is there a place i can check the list of breaking changes if i upgrade to 0.51?

2)I have it on Docker image, but i notice it is not on the main webpage. is HASS still supported via docker? ( I run it on Synology Nas + docker)

  1. is the OZW already at 1.6? meaning that the fibaro button is already supported?

If i am happy with my current setup, any reason to upgrade?!?

I am concern, as i have a very big installation/automation running (MQTT, hue_bridge, Zwave, automation and a bunch of other stuff are linked in the current installation), and would hate to lose everything (or at least start all over again)…



I would read the release notes for breaking changes before updating. Its a lot of releases to keep up on but there have been quite a few breaking changes that may or may not effect you.

sry silvrr, i pressed the enter too fast, so i had to edit the post :slight_smile:but thanks for the quick reply…

As with any big change, just make sure you have a backup. Clone your SD card or so and make sure it works before upgrading. This might save you some headache in case something goes wrong. And if it doesn’t, well, you just practiced how to do backups. :wink: Happy updating.

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Installation on Synology using docker is described here

As for whether you should update, I think the database improvements in 0.51 are worth having, but I can’t think of anything else.

As everyone says, read the breaking changes in the release notes, especially about z-wave as there seemed to be some significant changes there - I don’t use z-wave so I’m only going on posts to the forum.