Updating from HassOS 1.5

Please can anyone point me in the right direction for updating from HassOS 1.5 to the new release.
I am running the 1.5 version on a RPI 3. Its working good.

Just open your Hass.io panel and switch to the SYSTEM tab.
Below “Host system” you should find 4 options now:


Obviously, UPDATE is only visible while an update is available.
I just tried it myself and worked great.

Well, well, well…
I just found out because of this thread that there was update for HsssOS to 1.7

Is the only way to find this out to check periodically?

And for the record (I know this is discussed elsewhere) it took so long for my system to come back that I was getting prepared to do a rebuild. HassOS is definitely slower than ResinOS was.

The 32 bit version doesn’t seem any slower. The 64 bit version was very slow for me.