Updating HA - Killed My Entities, Sensors etc

I’ve had a look through the change logs as I’ve jumped a couple of releases.
Believe I went from 2021.x.x to 2021.4.1

Would be nice to have a “Change Log Viewer” where we can put in our current version and it’ll inform us of any break changes (rather than going through all the release notes)

Sorry I haven’t logged everything, But I lost a lot of my entities (that renamed and come back eventually)

Can anybody help with these?



I would focus on the first error. That seems to me the one blocking the main configuration. Aka, have a look line 164 of the sensors.yaml

This is line 164 but I only added this recently and not had an issue until the update (this code was actually from this thread)

  value_template: '{{ value.split("GBX")[1] | replace(",", "") | float }}'

Getting a load more errors, but don’t want to upload them all.

Don’t know if rolling back will help anything as some of my entities have refreshed and change their names, weird.

I think I would simply just remove all template sensors (make a backup) and see if it starts then.

You can ignore all the warnings for now, they will never prevent a start up.

Thanks, I think I’ll just comment them out and see what’s happening.

Weird though as I can’t see any major issues, the UI looks fine… Just annoyingly I can’t see exactly what’s happening in the backend. Feels like too much is going off.