Updating Hass.io error

Hi, I get an update error when trying to update Hass.io to version 0.48.

Error: 502: Bad Gateway

I’ve tried it several times. Who can help?

I get it as well every time I press the update button.
Usually if I just wait a day or two (or like from 048 to 0.48.1 just about 20min), it suddenly shows that I updated.

Hi Try2Fly, try stop your server management service and when run the command: pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant

or meaby try using this command: pip3 install homeassistant==0.48.1
0.48.1 are released, so use that.

Greetings DKAutomater.

How can I do this with Hass.io? I cannot ssh into Hass.io, so I have no command line.

Any update on this? I’m getting the same error.

I’m trying to update the Supervisor in my Hass.io instance (RPi 3) to the latest version, and it keeps throwing a 502 error:

Version	0.37
Beta channel	false
Latest available version	0.48
Error: 502: Bad Gateway

This was an image from a few weeks back, and I upgraded resinos to 1.0, and still no go.

Do i need to re-flash the SDCard and start over with the latest image? I’d rather not if I can help it :slight_smile:

Interesting, I’m now seeing what @tillmannschatz was talking about. It looks like: I clicked the update button and it spun to show that it was running a process in the background. Then after awhile it stopped spinning and it looked like nothing happened, then i got the 502 error when I clicked it after that. But when I came back after a few hours, the update card was gone when I click on the Hass.io link. Does that mean everything is up to date?

Edit: Yes! I found the supervisor card in the advanced settings, and it successfully updated. Looks like it just takes longer than I thought :slight_smile:

That is a home-assistant proxy problem to hass.io

We fix that in last dev and that will be come with next home-assistant release 0.50 :+1:

Awesome! Thanks so much for all you do for Home Assistant, this is the most incredible open source community I’ve been a part of!

FYI - since this is an issue that i was running into on version 3.12, i found the github issue here:

I had to change my virtualbox to a NAT network connection and run “os update” from a vnc viewer session. This led to a speedy OS upgrade.