Updating Home Assistant after a year - how to proceed best?

So yes, after almost a year of happily using HA on a raspy, installed via a Docker image, i realized that the plugins/integrations regularly tell me to be updated, but the HA itself has not suggested that, therefore, I’ve been using the same old 2021.4.6 ever since.

So, I proceeded to reinstall the latest docker image after backing up the entire configuration folder.

Result: Does not start. I don’t get any meaningfull error in the .log file.

Therefore my question, what are my options here?

  • Should I install one update after the next and how do I find all the docker images?
  • Should I make a clean install? How would I import the configurations after that?

If there are some best practices for such a case, please let me know - thank you!


Oh man, i would definitely go month by month :slight_smile: you would at least have something running to some extent

Here are the images: Docker Hub

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Ok, thanks for the pointer!

Yes this has worked. Running 2022.2.8 without problems.

I’ve installed each last updated of the month, checked if it works and restarted the process. Fun times.


docker stop homeassistant
docker rm homeassistant
docker run -d --name homeassistant --restart=unless-stopped --privileged -v /home/michi/Documents/homeassistant:/config --network=host \
  ghcr.io/home-assistant/home-assistant:2022.2.8  ## replace this tag...

Any major issues you faced through this process?

I had to re-install the hue integration. At some point HACS told me it wants to update. That’s about it.

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