Updating Home Assistant in Docker from UI just like in Home Assistant OS

My todays achivement is making Home Assistant in Docker to update itself from UI or from the notification: Updating Home Assistant in Docker from Lovelace UI just like in Home Assistant OS – Some Techy Website

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Firing up a Watchtower container next to Home Assistant does the same …

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Good to know, thanks

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Having seen this pass by a few time, I am trying to mentally agree on auto-updating :slight_smile:
In my line of work, there are at least 2 stages before new things go ‘productive’ and until now I used a DEV instance for HA as well.
What are your findings on auto-updating HA since you started using this?

Watchtower is part of my Home Assistant „stack“ for a long time now. I don‘t use :latest version on the HA container, but the monthly version‘s tag, like „2023.1“. So Watchtower will only update this line.

When a new major release of HA is published (like 2023.2.0), I check the breaking changes and usually switch to the monthly tag (2023.2) with the release of minor version .1 (like 2023.2.1).

I don’t have a DEV system, it‘s Home Assistant, I don’t rely on it.

As one should but there are a few (strong minority with me) automations for which I have no manual solution, e.g. a built-in zigbee switch. No disaster when it goes down but a lot of re-convincing the household of its ‘added’ value.
Until now I only look at the release notes and see if something is of interest, e.g. this month so far almost nothing that cannot wait for weeks but last month was different with all the fuss around the layout … and I am just wondering if Watchtower is making life easy for me or not… just asking, not commenting/judging/etc. :slight_smile:

So, I will try it out but keep being skeptical for the moment