Updating Home Assistant

New Home Assistant user and today is the first update available to install (2021.4).

I’m running Home Assistant in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4 under Raspberry OS. I installed it using Docker and the current version is reporting as 2021.3.4. I used the command

docker pull homeassistant/raspberrypi4-homeassistant:stable

to pull the latest image to get the update but when I do that now its still saying its the latest version - even though i can see on docker hub that other versions have been updated.

So my question is: do I need to be patient for this pi4 specific image to be updated, or can i use the regular stable docker pull command? Just don’t want to break anything.

Well it’s updated now. Just needed to be patient i suppose!

I just updated and it works like a charm! :smile: Same hardware and installation method.