Updating integration configuration yaml doesn't update integration

If I update an integration’s configuration in my yaml file, it doesn’t update the integration after restart. Is this expected behavior? How can we force the integration properties to be updated?

In my configuration.yaml, I enable the lutron_caseta integration:

  - host: x.x.x.x
    keyfile: /config/lutron/caseta.key
    certfile: /config/lutron/caseta.crt
    ca_certs: /config/lutron/caseta-bridge.crt

I moved the ssl files to a different directory and updated the paths accordingly in my configuration. But when I updated, I then got a ca_certs file not found error and found it wasn’t using the updated path, but the old path.

Upon further inspection, there was an entry in the .storage/core.config_entries file for the lutron device that had the old paths. Deleting this entity and restarting seemed to fix the issue.

Why did the integration not get updated?

Sounds like a bug, you should open an issue about that.

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