Updating old HA Version

Hope this is the right category for my question:
I installed HA quite some time ago and forgetting about it after setting up just some lights and switches. I now wanted to pick it up again and update a few things in my home and therefore need to upgrade for a new device, and I can’t figure it out so far.

I am currently on Home Assistant 2021.10.6, in this guide it just tells me there should be a notification to update… there isn’t. I somehow also can’t connect via ssh to the device (connection refused) to use the CLI, but I can’t remember deactivating ssh.

My HA is running on a RPi 3, just followed the installation steps on the main page back then

Any hints how to go forward here?

You’ll probably need to tell us what sort of installation you have. Supervised, HAOS, container? On a VM?

I would like to if you tell me how I can find out.

although running it for some time now I put almost no time into HA so far, so consider me a total newbie

Thats in my info

## System Health

version | core-2021.10.6
-- | --
installation_type | Home Assistant OS
dev | false
hassio | true
docker | true
user | root
virtualenv | false
python_version | 3.9.7
os_name | Linux
os_version | 5.10.17-v8
arch | aarch64
timezone | Europe/Berlin

<details><summary>Home Assistant Cloud</summary>

logged_in | false
-- | --
can_reach_cert_server | ok
can_reach_cloud_auth | ok
can_reach_cloud | ok


<details><summary>Home Assistant Supervisor</summary>

host_os | Home Assistant OS 6.5
-- | --
update_channel | stable
supervisor_version | supervisor-2022.10.2
docker_version | 20.10.7
disk_total | 57.8 GB
disk_used | 3.5 GB
healthy | true
supported | failed to load: Unsupported
board | rpi3-64
supervisor_api | ok
version_api | ok
installed_addons | File editor (5.3.3)



dashboards | 1
-- | --
resources | 0
views | 1
mode | storage


It says right there - Home Assistant OS - so yes it should give you the option to upgrade. Unfortunately I can’t remember whether 2021.6 had a Settings tab or a Supervisor tab in the sidebar - but the upgrade option should be under one of those.

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Ok thank you, it was under Supervisor, didn’t look there closely enough

Is there a certain order I should upgrade the System and HA? It shows upgrades for both

First - back up everything off your platform somewhere.

Then read all the breaking changes - there’s only 14 or so versions to go through (sorry), then do System, then HA.

It gives me the option in the update to make a backup, or is there a different way somewhere in the Supervisor menu?

Yes - back then I think it was called Snapshot? Under the Supervisor menu.

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