Updating Proxmox

I am using Proxmox for Home Assistant but I am still using Proxmox VE 6.4 (for which support has ended).
I would now like to update everything because not everything is working anymore because of the old versions.
Can I safely follow the instructions to update to Proxmox 7 and then to Proxmox 8 without breaking anything?

That would be a question for the Proxmox forum. There you will get a definitive answer.

From HA side, it shouldn’t be a problem. You should have a backup of HA anyway (if not, please setup some automatic system to dfo backups!), so totally undependable on Proxmox. Wherever you take your HA instance, as long as it’s a supported platform, you can use it.

So your way would be:

  • backup HA
  • do whatever has to be done on Proxmox to update
  • setup a VM and install HA-OS
  • restore the backup
  • you’re good to go

But please, either wait for others to say more about the Proxmox update itself or ask in their forum. My updates in Proxmox always went smooth, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for you! :slight_smile:

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I updated from 7 to 8 and did not have a problem.
Can’t say anything about going from 6 to 7.