Updating/refreshing/deleting ISY-994i-ZW config into hassio?

I’m using an ISY994i-ZW connected to hassio (info below)

I’m new to hassio and still fumbling around trying to grok the basic concepts so please forgive for the newb questions.

I got the hassio talking to the isy through the HACS addon. Well and good.
I turned off the UI autoconfigure when I went to move around some cards in the Lovelace (?) UI.

QUESTION: Can I / should I turn it back on after i’m done with my UI mods?

I had to swap out a CT100 thermostat and an Ecolink garage door tilt sensor. I made the changes in the ISY, and the functionality of each to/from the ISY seems to be working when looking at the ISY admin console.

But the functionality of each is missing from the thermostat card in Lovelace UI and the tilt sensor switch in the switch card in Lovelace UI.

I have deleted and ‘rebuilt’ the thermostat card. No response to/from the ISY. (will work on the tilt switch later)

From this I gather that I need to ‘refresh’ or ‘add’ or ‘update’ the ISY info in hassio. But I can’t figure out how to do that.

QUESTION: How do I refresh/add/update/fetch the latest ISY configuration into hassio?

thanks in advance.

~ hassio info                 
arch: aarch64
channel: stable
hassos: "2.12"
homeassistant: 0.101.1
hostname: hassio
logging: info
machine: odroid-c2
supervisor: "192"
- aarch64
timezone: America/Anchorage