Updating to 2024.4+ breaks Automations and Devices pages

For some reason updating to 2024.4.1 or greater breaks both my “Automations and scenes” and “Devices and Services” pages - they both say “Error while loading page”.

If I restore a full backup from a fortnight ago (before I installed 2024.4.1) or earlier these pages work again. As soon as I upgrade to the latest version (2024.4.3) or restore a backup that is 2024.4.1 or newer these pages no longer work.

Any idea what might be going on? I haven’t done any configuration in HA for a month apart from updates.


Sorry if it’s a silly question, but have you cleared your browser cache?

CTRL-REFRESH in windows


Yep I have. Still broken :frowning:

Strangely enough your question just prompted me to try it in Microsoft Edge and the pages seem to work fine in it!?

Thanks for your help.

I got it to work in Chrome now too by manually clearing the browsing data (ctrl+shift+del and clear cached images and files).

I don’t understand why ctrl+refresh/ctrl+f5 didn’t work but I will take the win!


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When you really want to clear all data you must press F12 (to open developer mode), then right-click on refresh icon and select “empty cache and hard reload” (or similar). Only this really clears all data. Ctrl+f5 leaves javascripts and some other stuff intact, like picture in picture elements…