Updating Z2M makes devices in HA unavailable

Hi all,
I have recently been having some troubles with Z2M. Everything works perfect on 1.30.1-1 however when I try to update it all devices become unavailable. I have tried it twice with different versions - both 1.35.x and 1.36.0-1. Everything would be fine if it weren’t that new Ikea lamps I bought are unsupported in my current version.

All devices are available and controllable in Z2M, its just the HA entities that becomes “unavailable”.

I’ve been looking around and trying different solutions such as restarting Mosquitto Broker and Z2M one by one but nothing works.

If any logs are required please let me know which ones and I’ll see if I can provide them.

What version of HA are you running ?

I am running Home Assistant OS 9.5 and Home ASsistant Core 2023.2.3

Release notes 1.33.0

For Home Assistant users: due to #18445 at least Home Assistant 2023.8.0 is required.

Thank you! I will make sure to test that after work. I was sure I had updated HA when I updated Z2M but came to check it again when you asked and noticed I hadn’t. As a developer myself its embarrassing that I did not read the patch notes.

Edit: I updated my HA and everything works great. Thanks again.