Upgrade a Shelly Dimmer to 500W

Hi folks,
has anyone recently tried to (and succeeded in) upgrading a Shelly Wlan dimmer to more then the 1 Amp power that it sports out-of-the-box? I am thinking of adding a power triac or something soo that I can dim my 10-light (@ 40W halogen each) classic chandelier via HA. And no, I will not go to LED - PITA to dim, expensive, and odd-looking on a chandelier.
I am using the Shelly dimmers in other rooms, a joy to use vs aliexpresses no-name stuff, but limited to 1 amp. It will switch off at about 190W, protecting the circuitry. I love the Shelly products (even though I would prefer going Zigbee with all switches and dimmers) since they are reliable, carry a CE-classification (for what tha’s worth…), and have a smart interface that allows me to control the device even when HA should be down.
I understand the heat-transfer issues; a cooling-fin should be able to manage that.
Even though, maybe someone can point me to a tried-and tested alternative dimmer that fits a EU-size wall-box?

Did you got 500w zigbee or wifi dimmer?
It is hard to find.