Upgrade Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 to Gen5+ with QT OpenZwave


I am planning to update my current stick to a new z stick gen5+.

I am asking here for advise. The reason for doing so is:

  1. the current stick is a very old model. I think over 7 or 8 years.
  2. I have problems with stability (see other threads) with my QT openzwave and wanted just to "do something.
  3. According to this thread there are several versions: *Sticky?* Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 - Raspberry Pi4

I want to ask:

  1. If I would do this: https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000242397-upgrade-network-to-z-stick-gen5-
    Will that just replace all my devices to the new stick?
  2. Can I just plugin the new (restored gen5+) stick then and will it “all work”? Or do I need other things to do?
  3. Is there any risk?
  4. Is there anything else to take into consideration?

I’ve done this upgrade from an old Gen5 stick to a new Gen5+ stick, and it all went as expected.

My situation was different from yours: the old stick was being used in a Domoticz installation and I wanted to migrate my network to a new HA installation using QT OpenZwave. Because the new HA installation is on an RPi4 (using and booting from an SSD), I couldn’t simply plug the old stick in, and I didn’t want to use a hub or solder resistors into the innards of the stick. So I purchased a new Gen5+ stick that works directly with the RPi4.

The ZWave network migrated without issue to the new stick using the Aeotec backup/restore tool.

I saw that in the ozw-admin tool, all the mains-connected devices were queried, and configured correctly in the new HA installation, with one exception.

I have a Steinel IS140-2 mains-powered motion sensor. Although the node was present, it was listed as unknown. I power-cycled the sensor, and then used HA to refresh the node, and all details appeared.

I also have battery-powered Heiman smoke detectors. These nodes first appeared as unknown in HA, but over the course of a day or two, the nodes got refreshed as the devices briefly woke up and their details were filled in.

Hi geoff, thank you for your reply. Very informative!

Where did you purchase the “+” gen5+?

Popp.to Company is based in Germany, but the Gen5+ was shipped direct from China.

Hello, may I please be so impolite to kick my own topic to the top and ask again what the best way forward is to upgrade my aeotec gen5 to gen5+?

Thank you in advance!

I told you: “The ZWave network migrated without issue to the new stick using the Aeotec backup/restore tool.”

That’s what you told me. I’m not only asking your opinion here :slight_smile: