Upgrade failing on GL-S10

I have flashed a GL-S10 with ESPHome but any attempt to update the firmware from the ESPHome addon in HA fails with the upload timing out.

ERROR Error receiving acknowledge auth: timed out

Other than pulling the hardware apart and re-flashing over serial, is there any other options to try and get a successful update?

Move it closer to the AP to get a better wifi connection.

Get the authentication right, forget it and you may be screwed.

That’s a know issue, see this link for more details → GL-S10 OTA Failure, even with safe boot · Issue #3682 · esphome/issues · GitHub.

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I didn’t even know that the GL-S10 had WiFi :no_mouth:
I’m using PoE to connect mine.
How and where do I add the SSID and the AP password?

I didn’t know that any devices supported by esphome didn’t have wifi?

If it has WiFi, then SSID and password has to be entered somewhere, somehow, right?