Upgrade from 84 to 103 - Graceful path?

I am wondering if there is a graceful upgrade path from version 84 to 103? The web UI upgrade utility does not work so I tried loading the latest image and placing my old configuration over it, but the changes to HASSIO have been so extreme that nothing from the old configuration works. The latest version seems to be really a different system and I hate to have to start completely over. Is there a lower version that would allow the new IOS app without having to throw out my stable build?


You’d need to go through all the breaking changes since version 0.85 - 0.103 and modify your configurations accordingly.

I was hoping to not have to reconfigure the whole system. Seems the new version doesn’t use lights: switches:, etc in the config any longer. I will probably just drop back to the old version. Too much work for little reward.


Yes it does.

Well that is great news! I just seem to get it to recognize any in my old config. :frowning: I can only see entities that I setup in the configurator. I know this is frustrating for you all to have to answer these types of issues/questions, but if you could pass along a hint, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Error messages are helpful…

The configurator add-on is just a web browser based text editor. Not sure what you mean by this.

Sorry. I meant integrations. For example it finds all of my lights that have been defined in my HUE simulator, and some TP-Link that but doesnt not see any of the MQTT lights I have defined in the configuration file. Likewise for my sensors and switches.

There will be errors, and warnings, and more.

You’re jumping nearly 20 sets of releases, with a mountain of breaking changes, any one of which could be causing you issues. In reality you’re likely suffering from multiple issues.

I’d personally suggest you step from 0.84 no more than two releases at a time. Fix all the problems, repeat. That way it’s only two sets of breaking changes to cope with each time.

Ok, that makes sense. I appreciate it.

This is different than adding things into your configuration yaml.

Integrations won’t show those things that are manually configured, unless there is an “integrations” available for it.

Are you sure they aren’t listed under developer tools > states?

I just did a similar gap upgrade. I did the full upgrade but just started commenting items in my config out until I stopped having errors. Then it was a matter of reenabling things and doing a bit of searching as to why certain sections were erroring.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am taking your approach. I did the full upgrade to a ‘test device’ and I am slowly weeding through the problems.