Upgrade from RP4 2gb to NUC?

I’m looking for an upgrade to my current HA hardware (RP4 2gb) because it’s starting to struggle with the lack of ram, would something like a used Intel NUC D54250WYK be good? I’d just be running HA.

The eBay listing I’m looking at is here:

Did you try to find some info before posting?

So, specially for you again, yes, HA will run smooth as butter on this hardware…

Thanks, yes I tried to find more information, but each post always referred to recommend NUCs for HA by the ‘generation’ and I could not find what generation the model D54250WYK is, only that it was released in 2013, which seems quite early

I think there is requirement for HAOS as UEFI, if the NuC models supports that it should be good enough. The RasPi the OS is running generally is most under powered but it runs the OS without any issue. So NUC of any generation that supports the UEFI should be always good enough.

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