Upgrade from rpi2 (Wheezy) to rpi3 (Jessie)?

I´m currently running my HASS installation on a rpi2 ( rasbian Wheezy) and would like to upgrade to a rpi3 to benefit the better performance and bluetooth.

I´ve read that Wheezy doesn’t have the drivers needed for bluetooth and is not working that well on the rpi3. Therefore an upgrade to Jessie is needed(?)

I really would like to avoid starting from scratch since I have a lot things configured on my current installation.
Have anyone successfully made the dist-upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie;

and then moved to a newer rPi?

Apart from the configure files which can be moved off to a separate storage device there shouldn’t be much you need to move.

A clean install and move the configure files back in and you will be up and running.

Likely a lot less hassle than any headaches you might get with the upgrade route.

Install with the hassbian image is super quick.

You are probably right, still it would be nice to hear if anyone succeeded this maneuver.

I´m currently running mosquitto, z-wave and let´s crypt so there are a few config files that are outside the HASS environment.

Can I move the certs for MQTT and Let´s crypt to a new install or they have to be recreated?

Is hassbian to prefer over AIO installer/manual install?

Not sure on those, I don’t use them so I haven’t needed to move them from one install to another.

I prefer it, not sure if everyone does. I think its easier than downloading the jessie image and then spending the time to build what is required for HA.