Upgrade Lutron Caseta hub to Pro, worth it?

I have a lot of Caseta dimmers in my house and using the non pro hub. In HA, it works great.
BUT… I have seen that when using the pro hub, since the local API is accessible, I can configure the Caseta remotes in HA as well and set them up to do whatever I want (basically like the Hue dimmer remote does with the custom component).

So my question for anyone using a pro hub with the remotes is; are the remotes wokring fine, responsive, always detect the button press on first try? Because the Hue ones work but sometimes I need to press the button more than once…
The Pro hub is not cheap (considering I already have one that works,) this would really be just for the remotes (and maybe future proof support a little bit better I guess…

Thanks in advance!

The PRO or RA2 Select hub combined with the custome component for Lutron works great. You get the pico’s as separate sensors that you can use to trigger whatever you like in HA.

You also get local control over the telnet interface.

Ok and are the remote 100% responsive in HA? (HA detects the button pressed on first try every time?)

Yes, they work perfectly. But they also count as one device out of the 50 limit.

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ok, screw it, I ordered the Pro hub :slight_smile:
I have 4 Pico remotes stuck on Lutron devices, I really want them to control HA scenes…
I’ll try selling my non pro hub.
Hoping it works OK…

ok, for anyone interested, after reconfiguring everything on my new Pro Lutron hub I can easily say it’s worth it!!!
-local API makes it faster, more reliable and private (stays in LAN so not depending on Internet).
-Pico remotes (the main reason I upgraded): This is the perfect remotes now to control anything in HA. it’s SUPER reliable, FAST and responsive and very easy to setup. they are not expensive and wife friendly (actually, kid friendly) for scenes… I have a bunch of Hue dimmer remote using the custom component and it works but MUCH MUCH MUCH less stable and responsive than those Pico remotes… Lutron has wall mount kits for it.
Best decision I’ve made :slight_smile:


I just ordered one myself based on your rec, the only thing that kind of sucks about it is that you have to delete the json file each time you make changes (adds/removes) but it could be worse :slight_smile:

Now 75 so a little less worrying

Just saw that! Nice update.

I don’t see any informaiton on how to setup local control with the pro hub - is it different from the normal Lutron component?

Please see this:

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Where are you all getting the pro bridges? I don’t see anything except on ebay and third party sellers on amazon. Do they not sell the pro version anymore or just not direct to consumers?

Most people don’t need the Pro version so you won’t find it in big box stores or stock. It’s typically a special order.

Search for P-BDGPRO-PKG1W which is the white pro starter kit. I found mine on Amazon but took a couple days to arrive (non prime seller).

Which pico remote are you using? The standard 5 button light remote with a small round dot in the middle? Or the PJ2-4B-WH-L31P?

5 button remote here.