Upgrade OpenAI Library to Latest Version


Home Assistant currently uses version 0.27 of the Python OpenAI library. This version is now outdated and lacks compatibility with the latest advancements and features offered by OpenAI.


The openai-python repository indicates that the library version used in Home Assistant is no longer actively maintained and doesn’t support newer capabilities like DALL-E 3 and GPT-4.

As a developer working on a custom integration for Home Assistant, I am encountering significant challenges. My goal is to create an integration that leverages DALL-E 3 for image generation and GPT-4 for advanced chat capabilities. However, the limitations of the current OpenAI library version in Home Assistant are proving to be a major obstacle.


The primary issue is that the outdated library cannot make the necessary API calls required for these newer OpenAI features. While it’s possible to manually upgrade the library using pip install --upgrade openai on a local setup, this solution is not viable long-term. It requires manual intervention with each update and renders the integration non-functional for other users.


I propose that Home Assistant upgrades its OpenAI library to the latest version. Doing so would not only resolve the current compatibility issues but also open a myriad of new possibilities for custom integrations and features. This upgrade would significantly enhance the capabilities of Home Assistant, allowing it to leverage the full potential of the latest AI developments from OpenAI.

An upgrade to the latest OpenAI library version would be a substantial improvement for Home Assistant, benefiting both developers and users alike. I hope this request is considered for future updates to ensure Home Assistant remains at the forefront of smart home innovation.

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