Upgrade Pi 3 -> 4

Can I just pop my SD card containing 64-bit HAOS out of my Raspberry Pi 3 and put it in a Raspberry Pi 4? If not, is there some process for upgrading it? Or should I install a fresh image and then restore from backup? If the latter, does it preserve my Zigbee network, or do I need to back that up separately?

Just switching the card to a new Pi will certainly not do the trick… I’m close to doing the same step, here is my plan so far:

Yes this is the easiest way you just need to be aware of the ip of the new device if you don’t make it same as the RPi3.

does it preserve my Zigbee network

Yes the devices will just reconnect to the coordinator. You will need to make sure it is set up with the correct port in your zigbee integration.

I just do a Full backup, use google drive backup to copy it to the cloud, install bare on the new box, (make note of the IP - reserved lease on my router), Install google backup on new box, turn off the old box, restore the backup, and after the first shutdown, swap the IP reservations in DHCP - so when the new box comes up it takes on the old box’s IP address. Restore, next next finish, reboot twice - and we’re up. Fix anything broken - if you’re using the Serial by-id path for your zigbee stick you shouldnt have to change anything. If you’re using the firtual path to the USB port - you may have to update that in your zigbee config.

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All went very smoothly (and we’re now at 23% RAM instead of >80%). Thanks for the help!

Including all old statistics? Nice :slight_smile: