[Upgrade?] Should I be worried with a RPi3 starting off with 77% of RAM (out of 1GB)?

I’ve been having some hiccups on my HaOS, and then I started building yet-another monitoring dashboard for it. Of course, it created more questions than it solved :joy:

At first, I thought it was rebooting, but it’s just… hanging for the time it would take to reboot. Noticed that when I added sensor.system_monitor_last_boot to the dashboard and it was “10 days ago”. No signs of high CPU or RAM usage, nor temperature. But I digress.

Three minutes after updating HaOS (as a means to do a useful reboot), its swap hit 100% of usage. It only has 300 MB, and I never ever touched swap configs (didn’t even think about swap until I enabled the System Monitor integration, which I also never heard of before).

At 10 min of usage, RAM stabilized at almost 80%. Before the reboot, it was up for almost 10 days and was hitting 89% of RAM.

My add-ons are not far from basic ones, and no one seems up for blames.
I have lots of integrations, but I would say most are harmless.

A bunch of Zigbee devices, but I heard that Z2M is the memory hog, not ZHA which is what I use. I may want to move to Z2M at some point in the future (for better device support), but the amount of config kinda scares me.
I will move to a new house in the next year, and may end up adding more devices to the network - specially ceiling presence sensors.

Should I plan a hardware upgrade? Maybe a RPi4/5 with 2 or 4GB?
Or is this kind of usage expected and should be fine for a couple more years?

This guy is a tad old, had 2 years of mild usage as a retro-videogame and now is more than 3 years on the very same HaOS install :pray:

The peak you see in the main graph was the reboot. The holes on the smaller graphs below are the weird hiccups.

Check this anyway, because otherwise I will be asking if you have a doomed SD card…

One of the things I googled around was for a way to check for SD issues, but didn’t find much and sort of gave up… Didn’t want to mention it in this post as I was too long already :sweat_smile:
That said, I didn’t see much people complaining about instability issues, it was either “my SD is dead” or “it went write-only and my HA is gone”. No clue what could happen in different scenarios or how to test it, though.

I’ll give the debug mode a try tomorrow, didn’t know that exist! I looked around the usual logs for something odd, but found nothing exactly glaring - even after the weird hiccups. Thanks for that pointer :slight_smile:

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