Upgrade to 0.88.0 changed links with all entities using MQTT/Tasmota Sonoffs

I am new(er) to Hass.io and have had no troubles with updates until 0.88. All of the entities for my Sonoffs running Tasmota changed. I have 12 sonoffs. Two of them went “unavailable” in the Lovelace UI and the rest were (I’m guessing) shifted so that they no longer lined-up with their names. Automations were triggering incorrect switches. I run the standard MQTT add-on and used the “SetOption19 1” in Tasmota for auto detecting each sonoff. Rolling back to 0.87.1 reversed this. No other changes were made in the meantime. Any thoughts? I like to keep version current, but this breaks everything.

Thank you for any help in advance.