Upgrade to 2.1 results is Node Red sensors being unavailable

Node red version 17.0.7
Node Red companion v3.1.3
node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket 0.63.0

When I update core from 1.6 to 2.1 a whole load of sensors that i’ve created in Node Red become unavailable. These have been working fine for the last 2 years or so through various updates.

If I create a new sensor it does appear to work:

So I’m not sure what the exact issue is. Its totally reproducible if I upgrade i lose the sensor… restore backup of 1.6 and it comes back and works fine.

The message in HAS is this:


There is no error reported in Node Red that I can see…

Any ideas?

Go to manage palette in the hamburger menu. Look for home assistant web socket. Is there an update available? If yes update them. It should be ver 0.63

Sorry, I hit post before i’d copied in the versions, I’ve edited it to show the versions, and yes its 0.63

The entity node was removed quite sometime ago. Earlier updates auto updated to the new format. You will need to find any sensors you created with entity nodes and replace them with the individual sensors nodes unfortunately.


I started to do that, unfortunately I have a lot of them tracking all sorts of things.

Is there a less time intensive way of doing it?

Or at least identifying which nodes they are?

thanks for the quick reply

In the debug panel choose the info tab. There is a search bar. Problem is it’s a regex search and the name of the node is entity node. Every HA node contains “entity”.

If you know the sensor name you can search it. If there are errors showing up in the debug you can use the node id of the message. If the node is named it will be a name otherwise a number.



If you restart NR addon, then check the logs it may show all the errors with node id’s

This is no small task / joke… how come my installation has ended up silently with no longer supported entities… this is going to take a lot of work, I will loose a lot of historical data…


This log file is not very helpful

If i restart I get

Interestingly the oil cost sensor is not listed there…

This was changed a long time ago, I remember this being an issue when it first happened. I believe later upgrades did this change automatically.

I say that because a month or 2 later I updated and everything changed over by itself. At least I don’t remember having to make any changes. Perhaps @Kermit could shed some light on how to correct this.


Silly question… does this have anything to do with it?

Absolutely the new nodes are not install until you press that button. It should prompt you to restart the addon.

mmm… i pressed that button, restarted nodered, then performed the update… no joy… still have a screen full of unavailable entities…

If you go to one of the old entity nodes, double click on it to open, don’t change anything. Hit the done button. Is the deploy button active. in other words can you click it and will it deploy. If yes deploy, did that fix that one node?

Sorry for delay. The forum was read only for a while this morning. So I tired the above, opening the node itself did nothing to the deploy button. Opening the entity configuration, clicking update then deploy also did not change anything when I subsequently updated to 2.1. I then tried again once I updated still to no avail.

I had a look through the other posts you tagged. I understand that the newer version split the node and configuration and where to find them etc. all that seems to be set up correctly…… it’s just not available in HASS.

all that seems to be set up correctly…… it’s just not available

The sensors may have doubled up, meaning there may be a second version.


If that is the case renaming the sensor by removing _2 should bring them “back” and match up with your history.

They’re not as I checked with a filter. I made a _2 node to check if I could get a new one working which I could.

I think I’ll need to manually convert everything. Rather annoying and time consuming….

My hand was forced as a subsequent upgrade of an essentialHACS package meant it stopped working on HASS 1.6. Downgrading the package didn’t work either so I upgraded to 2.2.

In the end I deleted all 36 nodes in node red. Restarted everything. Some were still listed in the node red companion entities so I removed them there. A few would not allow me to delete them so I removed them from the .config/core_entities file manually. Restarted again. Once they were no longer listed in HASS I recreated the sensor node in node red and this time it worked.

Took several hours to do. Quite strange