Upgrade to 2023.12.5 and qmc5883l

I recently upgrade from 2023.11.2 up to 2023.12.5 with no compile issues however now my qmc5883l magnetometer field strength readings have all dropped to decimal places. Where once my range was between 31.5 and 49.6 I now see measurements in the range of -1.3 to 2.0. I reviewed the Changelog and all changes from my original version to the newest but did not see any breaking changes specific to the magnetometers. I am currently using this to measure natural gas usage.

Have you tried downgrading and recompiling/flashing? I’ve had what you’re experiencing occur randomly a couple times, unrelated to anything else. Replacing the faulty sensor was the solution in my case.

I am debating the sensor replacement as the solution knowing nothing documented, supports what I am seeing and this for all 3 Axis of the sensor. Thanks