Upgrade to OS 7.0 now stuck waiting for homeassistant cli

I decided to so an OS upgrade today from 6.x to 7.0. I left it for hours but noticed i could not access the web interface. Connecting a monitor to my Pi4 i saw it seemed to be stuck waiting for the home assistant CLI.
I hooked up a keyboard and pressed ctrl+alt+f2 to get to the login prompt and went in as root.
I have tried any of the ha commands and it just hangs. Nothing seems to work.
I also tried a docker ps but again did not seem to work, just sits there.

Trying to get it back online so not to upset the wife but not sure how best to try and recover from this.
I have been searching the forums but can’t seem to get any commands to actually run :frowning:

Any ideas?

I just found that running journalctl will provide me the boot log. I can see an error:
dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-hassos\x2ddata.device: Job dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-hassos\x2ddata.device/start timed out.

I am running my data disk on a usb interface. Could it be this that it is unable to access for some reason? It was mounted fine before I attempted the OS upgrade from the supervisor.

I manually went in to /dev/disk/by-label and can see hassos-data-old but no hassos-data. Could it be that it got stuck part way through updating to 7.0?
Can i rename this back and will be continue?

Thanks in advance

Looks like that hassos-data-old file system was on the SD card. I took the USB HDD and connected it to another machine where i could see the hassos-data filesystem. I also ran an fsck which confirmed it was okay.
If I boot the Pi4 without the USB HDD connected then plug it in after and run ‘lsblk -fs’ I can see the file system (but not mounted). If I have it connected on boot it does not show under ‘lsblk -fs’.

It looks like connecting the USB drive post boot does actually mount the filesystem under /mnt/data.

I have manually started the supervisor and homeassistant using:
docker start hassio_supervisor
docker start homeassistant

At least I have homeassistant up and running again. Even if I can’t reboot it without having to go through this whole process again. Should keep the wife happy over Christmas now that things are working again.

I’m having the same issue right now. Brand new to HA. Doing the OS install on micro SD and it’s just stick on this screen I read it might take awhile the first time

Yours managed to get further than mine did. I only had the line at the top of the screen which said it was waiting for the CLI. Looks like yours has loaded the CLI successfully. Did it finish okay in the end and homeassistant come online?

nope, im still waiting

Wow that is taking a while based on the timestamp of your first post. Have you tried running :
docker ps -a
To see a list of your containers and which ones are currently running.

You now have to reach that URL from a different device.