Upgrade to resinos 1.2 broke everything

Has anyone done the update from 1.1 > 1.2 in hass.io? The update was available and I made the mistake of falling for it, now many of the plugins no longer work (Pi-Hole, samba, etc.) Is there an easy way to fall back to 1.1 or do I have to reinstall?

Pi-hole is borked, but Samba is still working for me.

Probably the easiest way to roll back is to reinstall your old image.

I just did the update and the 3 plugins I use (SSH, Samba, Configurator) are working without issues so far.

Is there a way to roll back the old image from within hass.io? The snapshot option doesn’t appear to allow rollback of the underlying OS.

Not that I’m aware of, which is why I said reinstall. With snapshots, it’s really pretty easy to just reinstall an older image and be back up and running.