Upgrade to v2023.3.1 breaks my working WeatherUnderground intergration

Following an update to 2023.3.1, I was forced to roll my install back to 2023.2.x and everything started working again. I saw 2023.3.2 was released, so I upgraded thinking the issue may have been fixed. It broke again. :frowning_face:

Anyone else having the same issue?

Did you check the release notes topic?


Also a search turned up this: Wunderground Weather and Home Assistant - #46 by fugley

yep - same issue here

seems to happen regularly that the first few updates to HA break Weather Underground integration

both updates tested - both break WU.

That’s why I never update to a .1, .2 or .3 version of a monthly release but wait until the introduced bugs get fixed first.

Version .4 usually is mature enough for production deployment.