Upgrade Zehnder ComfoAir Q (more sensors, controls)

Hi there,
I own a Zehnder Q450 device and installed the official plugin which shows quite nice sensors already. I read that the underlaying framework which is used is based on https://github.com/michaelarnauts/comfoconnect which is marked as deprecated and now replaced by https://github.com/michaelarnauts/aiocomfoconnect. The new library actually adds support for some features I am currently missing in the integration, namely:

  • Get the bypass mode (auto, on, off)
  • Set the bypass mode (auto, on, off)
  • Get the balance mode (balance / supply only / exhaust only)
  • Set the balance mode (balance / supply only / exhaust only)
  • Get the boost mode (on/off)
  • Set the boost mode (boolean)
  • Get the away mode (boolean)
  • Set the away mode (boolean)
  • Get the temperature profile.
  • Set the temperature profile. (warm / normal / cool)

It would be awesome to switch to the new library and add support for these features to be able to control the device even better.

I just found this integration which is basically what I asked for, would be nice to merge these two integrations into one and add the boost and away mode, then we have it.