Upgraded from 95.4 to 96.5 , 1000 lines of error, no idea why, webinterface doenst load

well, like in topic, upgraded from a stable 95.4 to 96.5 , now web doesnt even load, and 1000 lines of errors

what can be the cause?

see log file here

ok, unloaded my custom google assistant component, seems to load now, no idea whats the cause :frowning:

I had a similar issue with a temperature sensor that was reporting NaN to a climate component. All automations were continuing to work, but I couldn’t use the web intergface at all.

I spent nearly a day troubleshooting until I worked it out. Climate component seems to be a little finicky. It obviously should be that way where a single sensor can bring down the entire web interface.

In my case it’s wat a heat state, was changed in Google assistant component