Upgraded from AIO Pi version to hassbian, zwave issues?

upgraded from a .45(+) install to hassbian. since i have, my three zwave devices can’t be controlled reliably. i have to restart the pi, restart HA, or a combination there of to get it to finally control the lights. two are GE zwave in wall switches. one is a inovelli plug in controller.

Prior to the upgrade never any issues with them. I just upgraded OS and HA to latest version but that didn’t change anything.

Zwave log just shows it presuming Node 4 (inovelli switch) is dead. Node 3 shows up after a reboot but try to turn it off or on and it disappears from interface and won’t come back.
Sometimes after a reboot the gui displays a message that zwave couldn’t be configured? I have to restart HA service and my devices will show.

Where should I start, which logs would help someone decipher what might be happening? It seems like it’s just a zwave issue. Pi 3, aeon gen 5 USB, latest Hassbian update.

Oddly enough, the switch that shows up and then disappears, is closest to the pi.

So after last night, I couldn’t control anything. Inovelli switch and one ge switch are now working. Node 3, still not showing up.

One of my devices names in entity-config had been set to just a _, it was the node giving me trouble. Manually edited the entry and now its working.

Hi there. I have have 20 devices on zwave and started on AIO and changed to hassio a while back. But lately I felt like loosing control (no reboot and no tinkering with programs to fix bugs). So I took the plunge and changed to hassbian. I have struggeled with the battery powered devices, but the main powered ones worked at once. Some of the battery powered I had to remove and add again, but now it all works. No errors now so I am not sure whats going on on your side.

Its fixed now, see the reply above yours.