Upgraded from deprecated Zwave integration to ZwaveJS. Zwave stick recognized but i'm seeing three unknown nodes (when i only have 1 zwave device)

After some long overdue maintenance on my raspberry pi i upgraded to bullseye and updated all my packages. After upgrading home assistant i saw that i should be using the new ZwaveJS so i went through all the hoops to get that to run with home assistant on docker.

Now that it’s all set up it instantly recognized my QuickStick Combo HUSBZB-1, but its also showing three unknown device nodes…

I’m not sure how it sees three devices when my only zwave device is a schlage door lock. I wanted to set up an Innovelli Red today (which side tracked me into upgrading all this stuff) but before the upgrade the only device was the door lock.

Moreover, it seems to be stuck on the interview for all devices.

Is there a way to force remove all these devices so i can just try to enroll my door lock as new?

Did you copy the zwave keys over to the new zwavejs?

i didn’t… how do i go about doing that? Its been forever since i configured zwave originally

That’s probably your issue.

It should be in

.storage/core.config_entries and called network_key

You may need to look in a backup if you have already removed the old zwave.

thanks! I also managed to get it to Hard Reset in zWaveJS