Upgraded from RasPi to a PC. Z Wave JS add-on won't start

For the past year or so, I’ve had HA running on a RasPi4B. I decided it was time to upgrade to a small pc. It has Windows 11 and I’ve got VirtualBox installed. HA is successfully running in a VM within VB.

Once I had it up and running, I created a backup of the old HA server. Then I downloaded it to the new PC, uploaded it to the new HA server and restored it. Some but not all of the add-ons were there on the new HA server after doing the restore. I added the missing ones back in and they all seem to be working. But…

Although Z Wave JS was one of the ones that was there after doing the restore, it refuses to start – it says that the ZWave stick isn’t found. It WAS working but I rebooted the host PC. When the VM was restarted after the reboot, HA is no longer seeing the stick.
HA Z Wave Stick Not Found

I do have the Z Wave stick passed through in the USB settings for the VM.
HA ZWave Pass Through

What can I do to get it to use the Z Wave stick RELIABLY?

I shut down the VM, unplugged the Stick and plugged it back in. So it appears that this is more of a question for the VirtualBox community. I can’t deal with needing to physically unplug the USB Stick after every reboot.

Have you set up a symlink for the USB stick? The system may assign ttyUSB0 when you first install the usb device, but ttyUSB1 (or 2, or 3…) after a reboot, while HA is still looking for it on ttyUSB0. The symlink fixes this problem. Just google how to set up a symlink on your particular OS to see how it’s done. Once you have it set up, you’ll need to update HA to use the symlink in the add-on configuration.

Sorry for the delayed response. I just now saw your reply. I was able to get it working but I don’t remember HOW.