Upgraded to 2022.12.9 and my total_increasing disappeared from Dashboard

Applied the 2022.12.9 update this morning on my 2022.12.8 system running fine.
After the system came back up again, I saw that one entity fields was missing from the Dashboard. The item is there but showing a blank square:

Configured like this:

type: entity
entity: sensor.energy_huset
name: Förbruk. idag
state_color: false

In the system, the entity is there as well (and updating a ESPHome connected 7-segment display with live values):

I have tried creating a new dashboard with various types of fields (single entity, multiple entities) etc. But no luck.

Cleared browser cache and restarted HA. I find this error in Dev Tools of Chrome that I don’t know if I have seen before:

Running Chrome 108.0.5359.124 (Official Build) (arm64). Same error in Safari.
Checked logs but nothing there.

This morning everything got back to normal. I see the number of decimals have decreased dramatically on the affected entity: