Upgraded to Frigate 0.11.1, now regular cameras send doorbell alerts to HomeKit

Hi folks! I recently upgraded to Frigate 0.11.1, and now all my generic Hikvision cameras send me doorbell notifications when people are detected.

I created this Frigate integration issue: after 0.11.1 upgrade, HomeKit sends doorbell alerts for vanilla cameras · Issue #368 · blakeblackshear/frigate-hass-integration · GitHub

But wanted to see if anyone has run into this, and how they dealt with it. For now, I have person detection disabled, but want to basically make the cameras that HA exposes to Homekit “normal” again. Any ideas? Thanks!

HomeKit accessory Cameras are all generating as doorbells. · Issue #78541 · home-assistant/core · GitHub seems relevant

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Yep, that’s exactly my issue! Thanks for pointing this to me. The work around with a dummy binary sensor also fixes my problem for now.