Upgrades seems to break Hassio a lot

Most of the time lately it seems like an upgrade trough the hassio panel renders me an unstartable hassio, something breaks.

This makes me have to re-install from scratch and the use a snapshot or my config files again.

Is there more people that have this issue, very frequent problems when trying to upgrade?

I haven’t had a stable hass.io for some time, I seem to get no more than a week, sometimes not even 24 hours and it completely dies. Before about 0.69 I had it running for months and months without a hitch, upgrades were seamless and now I can’t get any reliable setup. I’ve been trying with Hyper-V recently as an alternative, but can’t even get that to boot.

This is likely to be an SD-Card issue (or power supply). Have you tried a different SD-Card?

I’m having issues with hass.io installs and upgrades. Not using raspberry pi either, so not an SD or power supply issue for me.