Upgrading from 0.103.6 to 0.107.7

I have an old laptop (32-bit) with linux mint 19 on it. I’ve installed home assistant with python 3.6. I used the pip3 installation.
Now i want to update to 0.107.7. But i’ve got no idea how. With apt-get install --upgrade homeassistant it doens’t upgrade above 103.6.

Can anybody help me with this?

You first have to install python 3.7 or 3.8

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I’d recommend Python 3.8.2. Python 3.9 is already in alpha, and shortly after that is released Home Assistant will drop support for Python 3.7.

This is how I do it - you may need to adjust steps accordingly for your own usage.

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That did the trick… thanks!

i’ve installed 3.8.0… If i need to upgrade again, will see about that… Thanks!