Upgrading from CC2531 to CC2652RB - how?

Hi, what’s the best way to upgrade from CC2531 zigbee stick to a (supposedly much better) CC2652RB dongle?

I REALLY don’t want to start from scratch with all those Zigbee devices, automations and stuff. How can I keep as much as possible? Both the old and new sticks run Z2MQTT.

Ha Core 2021.7.x (latest) on Rpi4.

See here:

Not officially supported, but there’s a backup and restore tool that’ll allow you to migrate without re-pairing.

For example, a network backup will allow you to migrate from a CC2531 with Z-Stack Home 1.2 to a zzh! without re-joining any devices. The backup format is human-readable and fully documented so you can fill out the appropriate information by hand to form a network if you are migrating from a non-Texas Instruments device.

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I tried the above pan_id mechanism and it didn’t work for me as the catch was further down in those instructions,

You need to re-pair all you devices when: Swiching between a Zigbee 1.2/3.0 coordinator firmware

I was going from a version 1.x 2531 to a 3.x 2652. Whilst it initially appeared to work, I started to see nodes would drop in and out of the network and I was loosing a lot of messages. Ended up wasting an hour or two repairing everything.

Thank you guys, there’s always snapshots to go back to if it goes south.